Collaboration has long been heralded as a sign of an effective, high-functioning team. Not many years ago, achieving collaboration meant breaking down walls and pushing reluctant individuals to work together. Although this approach worked for many, others felt stifled.

However, businesses today are placing more of an emphasis on balance: enabling employees to collaborate when and where they need to, but also letting them take advantage of alone time to brainstorm and complete tasks, thus retaining their individuality. In other words, every individual retains the ‘special something’ that makes him or her ‘tick’ – but there’s power in numbers.

And that is something we are delighted about with the news that Collaborate Communications is to be the publisher of the Channel Islands’ first joint Chambers of Commerce business magazine.

Having successfully published the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce magazine, Contact, for the last few years, we have now arranged for this to now be a Channel Island Chambers of Commerce magazine – we will also be including Alderney and Sark, as well as Jersey and it will be a true representation of the power of the Channel Islands’ Chambers as a whole.

Whilst many will be fearful of losing each island’s individuality, we wish to reassure our readers that this will be considered very closely – all content will be carefully balanced to ensure a fair platform for each island’s news, whilst at the same time raising the profile of the Channel Islands as a whole to the mainland businesses who already perceive us to be simply ‘The Channel Islands’.

We look forward to collaborating with you in 2017.