Print publishing and positivity have not exactly been best friends of late.

The regular release of newspaper and magazine circulation figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) will often be a painful experience for publishers.

The cost-cutting plans announced by The Guardian (together with their regular appeals to readers to show support by becoming a ‘friend’) have provided doom-mongers and digital evangelists with plenty of ammunition for the ‘print is dead’ war cry. It would be wrong to deny that the business of selling paper and ink is increasingly unsteady. Top magazine FHM’s demise illustrates the need for constant evolution. Strong brands are not safe from damage.

But, if you look past the pessimism there is still so much to be excited about in this sector.

After all, when you think about it, it’s the newspaper and magazine publishers’ own brands that are the embodiment of the vast majority of current brand thinking. Publisher brands have purpose. They exhibit a specific and unique view. They understand why they exist, who they exist to service and how to communicate with their audiences in a credible and valuable way. Publisher brands are expert in content marketing, existing across multiple platforms.

From their involvement in reporting local politics and issues affecting our islands locally, to those pictures of US reality star Kim Kardashian ’breaking’ the internet, publishers not only report on, but also fundamentally shape the cultural fabric of society.

Print publishers have long been effective for advertisers in ways that many newer forms of media have not.

For clients looking to be associated with with good content or other premium advertisers, or wanting to establish a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their audiences, print publishers continue to provide a brilliant route to achieving these aims.

It’s up to advertisers and agencies, as well as media owners, to focus on the positives of publishing, as we do.

Publishing can be unpredictable, stressful and hard work – and we love it.